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Thank you for spending some of your valuable surfing time perusing this site!

If you're not a present or past resident of Lago Heights, the information contained on these pages may seem strange - even useless - to you. So, if you decide to forego the pleasure of a visit, we'll understand.

On the other hand, should you want to see what this site has to offer, and get a glimpse of what went on down in the Caribbean all those years ago, then feel free to browse through.

From the end of 1998 until recently (September 1999), these pages have been off the World Wide Web. The reactions that I've had from the regular visitors prompted me to reintroduce the site. In the meantime, the newsletters have continued, but written by someone else (Abbie Frank). And a marvelous job he's done. As of the beginning of February 2000, the LH Newsletters are once again written by the LH Webmaster. You can find all these newsletters in the table of contents.

Those who have visited this site before will have noticed that it has undergone a total metamorphosis - a completely new design, intended for more efficient browsing around. It's an ongoing process to try to mix information supply with pages that are easily and quickly accessible.

Also, now the links are no longer underlined, but set in bold. On the other hand not all bold words are links. By passing the cursor over a link, the color of the link will change to red.

The primary purpose of these webpages is the exchange of information, looking for long lost friends from Lago Heights, going back down memory lane, . . . . . hopefully with a smile!

When this website was created, I was faced with two options:

  • wait until completion before placing in on the Net;
  • set up the framework for the site, launch it and update it as needed.

    I chose the latter option, partly because I did not want to withhold some information I already had.  But, more importantly, to be able to receive comments and reactions on how best to present that information, as well as corrections of those items where I've gone astray.

    So, folks, it just boils down to the fact that this site will be undergoing constant rejuvenation treatment . . . . . new addresses, more stories, . . . . . . finding long-lost friends, one telling the other . . . . . and that is what it's all about!!

    But why then a website for Lago Heights?

    Whenever I got together with other Lago Heights-ians, anywhere in the world, the main topic was often, almost invariably . . . . . yes, of course, Lago Heights.  Over the years this hasn't changed.  Still, wherever and whenever we meet, stories are recounted, some embellished beyond factual accuracy, but nonetheless entertaining.

    The notion of a reunion was put forward often enough; however, nothing concrete came from all this. But, as the idea was revived once again, I decided to make a - somewhat structured - go of it this time and start the groundwork (actually, I was prompted and threatened with a fate worse than Hades, if I didn't). I had already recorded a number of the stories told to me over the years, and I had some myself. So, looking for a more efficient way to keep in touch, this medium immediately sprang to mind, and . . . . voilą, a website was born.  And, as a result, a large reunion is now being planned for the year 2000, to be held in Lago Heights (July 22nd, at the Centro di Barrio Lago Heights, the site of the former Lago Heights Club) and at the Baby Beach in Seroe Colorado (July 23rd).

    Among the important items to get things going is a database of former (and/or present) residents of the community, and for this particular purpose a data form is included among these pages.

    In the "roads" sections, names of persons who have lived in those roads will appear, arranged by street and the former Lago Heights house numbers.  The listing will include names of the parents, birthday (the year not included), present address, phone and fax no. and, if available, the e-mail address.

    If you don't want your data distributed within the Lago Heights group, please indicate so in the space reserved for comments on the questionnaire. On the other hand, if you don't find your name listed, or your data is listed incorrectly or you want corrections made, just let me know so this can be remedied! It may be that I do have the data, but haven't entered this yet . . . . .

    Updating the lists will be an ongoing exercise . . . . . Some have already indicated that they prefer not to have their phone no. listed, and their wishes have been complied with!

    A map of Lago Heights is also included, with the original houses depicted as squares.  By clicking on a square you will be jump to (the first resident of) the relevant house no. in the "roads" section.  A right-oriented arrow will take you to either the next resident of that same house, or to the next house no. in that street.

    As the various contributors send me their stories, these will be added to these pages as "Recollections" of the respective authors, (and already there are quite a few anecdotes to put a smile on your face!!).  Not only residents of the Heights have stories about the community, but also some others from "below the hill, behind the fence".  And these stories too will be included (see others).  Although, editing all the stories before uploading them to the Internet takes time, so, please bear with me . . . . .

    A page has also been reserved for any reactions to this website.  These reactions will not be edited, other than to ensure that a certain amount of "netiquette" is adhered to.  However, unless expressly requested, the sender's name will not be included.

    A list of surnames of former Lago Heights residents is included under Miscellany.

    If you happen to know the whereabouts of our former friends, please send an e-mail or a letter to let me know their addresses! And, more importantly, spread the news around.

    With the amount of updating and adapting that will be taking place on this site, mistakes could creep in. Therefore, any or all comments, suggestions, corrections and what have you, will be greatly appreciated!

    And, . . . . . oh yes, your stories . . . . . keep them coming!!!

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